„Play every game as it's your last one“

Welcome to SweGamers Fantasy Hockey - season 2016/2017

As a General Manager you will get $50,000,000 to build a team composed of real NHL players.
Spend that money wisely on players who will score points for your team based on their performances in real-life games.
SweGamers Fantasy Hockey is not the everyday mundane salary cap fantasy hockey.


A dynamic market with fluctuating player prices based on the day-to-day trading of thousands of actual players like you.
The Market Fantasy Hockey has a unique second dimension that gives you a "stock market" feel
to the salary-cap fantasy hockey format!

Key Features:

Fantasy hockey based on real-life NHL games

Dynamic player pricing system. Buy low and sell high - player prices fluctuate based on actual in-game demand

Daily updates, scores as well as player prices

„Forget about style; worry about results“